Paraclete Ministries

Women’s Ministry
Our women’s ministry helps women explore, become empowered, and engaged in Christ and the biblical purposes of the church. We welcome women with open arms, connect them to God and others, equip them to live out God’s purpose for their lives, and send them out to share Christ’s love with their communities and the world.
Men’s Ministries
Our men’s ministry helps men head the call of Christ in order grow towards God’s purposes. We also help men apply his truth to everyday life. Our aim is to connect men to God which ultimately leads to a life on mission towards God’s purposes. Through bible study and dynamic serving opportunities we help men put their faith into action.

Youth Ministry

Youth ministry helps students become exposed to Christ, His kingdom and His Church. Our student ministry is dedicated to helping teenagers experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ! Here at Paraclete we focus on in-reach and outreach opportunities for students to grow in their faith.

Children’s Ministry

Our ministry exists to bring children into an age appropriate learning environment where they learn about God. They also learn the importance of loving and serving God in their youth. Our Children’s Ministry is led by a team of volunteers whose passion is children and whose vision is to “Connect Kids to God and to Others”!

Media Ministry
Our media ministry is responsible for all of our technical and digital needs which includes running sound and visual media on Sunday’s. This ministry is also responsible for updating basic website & social media channels. If you are tech savvy and would like more information about serving on our team please let us know.

Music Ministry
The music ministry at Paraclete is responsible for leading the congregation in praise and worship on Sunday mornings. If you love to sing or play an instrument we would love to hear from you.